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Click on Carl for information

on Zeiss lenses



Carl Zeiss 1816-1888


Zeiss T 2.1 and T 1.3 lens information



Angenieux zooms info



Pierre Angenieux




I-Vision-Lomo anamorphic lenses in PL mount.  35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm.  Engraved in "feet".  $ 60,000



Cooke lenses




Optex 5.5 super 16mm



Nikkor 8mm in Nikon mount.  Perfect glass. 



Covers 27mm on a 35mm film frame



Single Zeiss Prime Lenses for sale



Zeiss 16mm super speeds in PL mount.

9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm


 Canon  Super 16mm 11-138 in PL mount. 

Covers 2K on the RED


Angenieux 20-120mm 35mm format zoom in excellent condition.
Angenieux lens is 1458017.
TYPE 6X20 L2 BNCR mount. $ 2,900

I have one in PL and one in BNCR mount.


Innovision Probe 2


Century Periscope



Zeiss 16mm super speeds.  9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm. 

Covers 2K on the RED








PL mount lens projector




PL mount lens Projector with a scratched Air Force retical.  Universal mount to PL, Light dimmer, base block for 15mm diameter long 444mm rods. Basic unit for checking flange focal distance.    $ 1,500



flange focal distance gauges

Chrosziel old style collimator



Lomo lenses for sale


  • 5 X 35mm square front lenses that are parts. Russian or no mounts

  • 50mm round front lens in Russian mount

  • 50mm high speed round front lens in PL mount

  • 75mm round front lens in Russian mount

  • 150mm round front lens in PL mount

  • 200mm round front lens in no mount

  • 500mm round front lens in no mount

  • 2 Delrin gears for 35mm round Lomo

  • Russian & Japanese rear of zoom adapter in PL mount.  25-250mm



anamorphic rear of zoom adapter



Hollywood built crab-steer hydraulic Camera dolly


Winner of the Academy Technical Achievement Award 


 Technical Achievement Award  




Roundy Round.  Two new adjustable height seats, electric hydraulic pump, manual pump, bladder accumulator, hydraulic Up and down, 3 way leveling head, \ side boards, low front board.


width 26 1/2"  ***  Length 48"  ***  Maximum elevation 60"  ***  Minimum elevation 17"  ***  Two valve control for smoother operation  ***  390 pounds  ***  Center post steering and shifting  ***  Lifting bars front and rear



Centipede skate board rollers available new from Mathews studio equipment


Sony f-65.  New, never used



Sony F65 Digital Motion Picture Camera Sony F65 Digital Motion Picture Camera (10077) w/ HDVFC30 Viewfinder (10799), SR-R4 (20034) Portable Recorder, SRK-CP1(80021) Control Panel, 9 pin lemo to 9 pin lemo cable, Carry Handle, 2) 19mm Carbon Fiber Top Rods, WiFi Option, Case. Sony SR Memory Card 256GB Black-5.5GBS(1400051) w/ Case. Sony SR Memory Card 512GB Black-5.5GBS(1500248) w/ Case. Sony SR Memory Card 512GB Black-5.5GBS(1500306) w/ Case. Sony SR-PC4 w/ e-sata
Anton Bauer DT 500 AC Power Supply





Silicon Imaging


SI2K system, 1 Beyond 3D recorder and 2 matching sets of Zeiss MK-III Super 16mm speed primes



RED Ready



Angenieux 17-102





wrap around Support, long rods, 15mm bridge support, case.  90 day warrantee.  $ 12,500




Cooke 25-250mm MK II  T 3.9 zoom in PL mount, support, case.    $ 8,600.  This lens sold for $ 23,000 in the day.  A new 24-290mm is  $ 63,000.




Cooke 20-100mm T 3.1 zoom in PL mount.   $ 6,900



8  room Honey Wagon USA.  this truck is 72' long so you need permits to drive it in many states.



$ 38,000


1985 Ford Honey wagon.  Old and tired and cheap.  starter model... California truck so the bones are good.

$ 24,500



MQ Generators

This unit is a whisper quiet 900 amp three-phase generator by General Engine & Equipment. This is a portable internal combustion Cummins engine, compression ignition, diesel fuels and equipped with turbocharger. $ 18,000.  It is self-contained using fuel from Tractor tank. Tractor sold separately. Hours: 10633.7. The trailer is additional

Whisper quiet 500 amp three phase generator by General Engine & Equipment with turbocharger. It is self-contained with a 125-gallon fuel tank. The generator is mounted on a 2001 utility trailer. Hours 9198.6



Companies we work with


Zacuto; Camera and Lens Accessories



Indie RED Rentals LA


Arri geared head model 1

$ 17,000



Mitchell geared head, Wheels, located in North America.  $ 5,600.  US dollars. 



Century projector


I wish to Purchase

Lomo 75mm black anamorphic lens

PEE_POD three axis

Movietech dolly from Germany

Zeiss Master prime lens sets

Cooke S-4 25mm T 1.9 lens

Zeiss 50mm MK II  speed T 1.3 lens

Zeiss 85mm MK III speed T 1.3 lens in feet

300mm Century-Canon model 2000 telephoto lens in PL mount

 Arri 4 X 5.65 matte box

Angenieux 25-250mm HR zooms

Optimo 24-290mm

Anamorphic eyepiece extension for a 435

Angenieux 15-40mm zoom

Cooke 25-250mm MK II & III

Cooke 20-60mm zoom

O'Connor 2575 fluid head

Sachtler 9+9 fluid head

Ronford & Cartoni legs

Lomo 22mm anamorphic lens in PL mount

Lomo round 35mm anamorphic lens in PL mount

Lomo round 150mm anamorphic lens in PL mount

Heden old style motors

Arri geared head MK 1 & 2

24/32/40/50 and 100 Arri Macro's

Zeiss 200mm macro

Follow focus 2, 3 & 4

Jimmy Jib triangle

Century projector

Chrosziel projector


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Arri follow focus III in 15mm rod system, whip, crank, gears, disks, right hand knob, 6x6 extension, case


Arri Mini follow focus


Arri directors finder in PL mount,  TV ground glass, 40mm Arri eyepiece.

$ 1,400


Latest equipment for sale

Egripment telescoping camera crane with remote head and trailer.


18K Air star balloon in 220 volt.

Enlouva IV Crane



Maximum lens height 23'8"
Minimum lens height -15'
Lift range 38'8"
Maximum arm reach with maximum load of 148 lbs. 21'6"
Minimum arm reach with maximum load of 450 lbs. 6'6"
Doorway clearance with Enlouva or Mammoth 48" base 6'9"
Arm reach configurations 6'6", 9'6", 12'6", 15'6", 18'6", 21'6



20' TechnoCrane


$ 58,000




Available with a Powerpod Classic and Preston Ftz+1 unit.


Panther Pegasus crane model 10

$ 17,000.   USA



1- Mammoth Base w/leveling jacks
2- 2- Spare wheel w/hub
1- 4 Pyramid Base
1- Central Pivot
2- 2-Crane Seats
3- Assorted seat risers and extensions
1- Bazooka Riser
1- Panther Mitchell Combo Adapter
1- Set of track wheels 4 ea.
1- Outrigger #1 Remote 11
1- Outrigger #2 Remote 11
1- Outrigger #3 Remote 11
1- Outrigger #4 Stainless steel 5
1- Outrigger #5 Stainless steel
1- Outrigger #6 Stainless steel
1- Outrigger #7 Stainless steel 2.5
2- Steering Handles
1- Remote Head Adapter
1- Camera Riding Platform
1- Weight Bucket Large
64- Counterweights
1- Adjustable Counterweight
1-Quarter Weights
1-Half Weight
All the assorted leveling & balancing rods
3-Screw Tie-Downs for dovetails
6-Quick release pins w/bag
4-Pushbar extenders
1-Dovetail Adapter



Tulip Crane. 




Piccolo Camera Crane
Two seats, lead weights, single seat adapter, pneumatic and studio wheels, riser.  $ 8,300.  USA

Track is available at $ 200 per 8' section




Call Ken Rich at The Power Broker if you would like to sell your equipment

 This Angenieux 24mm-290mm Optimo zoom lens sold in ten minutes


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