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We have a different philosophy and operate in a different manner than most other equipment brokers. To keep our overhead and selling prices as low as possible, we rarely purchase or take possession of cameras and equipment that we offer for sale. Showing equipment at our office will not give you any indication of the actual operating condition. We are not technicians and chances are that you are not either. Therefore, all equipment that we sell goes to the manufacturer or dealer for a condition report. If it is a Zeiss lens, it goes to Duclos or Focus Optics. A Silver Bullet light goes to Cinemills, etc. This way we never sell sub-standard equipment by mistake and any repairs can be performed by the manufacturer whenever possible.


You choose the camera package that interests you. You will mail a check, use PayPal or bank wire a 10% refundable deposit to hold the camera. This deposit demonstrates that you are a serious buyer. 

We will send the camera to an authorized Arriflex dealer or the Arriflex company, which ever applies. Arriflex will inspect the camera and issue a report stating the condition and any repairs they feel need to be performed. Repairs are the responsibility of the seller. Once we have emailed you the camera condition report from Arriflex and any repairs have been performed, you will have the option of inspecting the camera firsthand at the repair location, or accepting the equipment on the strength of the report. At this point, you will send us the balance payment in full including shipping charges. 

We will then ship the camera for your 7 day approval. After you agree that the camera equipment is as advertised, we will forward the purchase price, less our commission to the seller and the transaction is complete. Please understand that the independent Arriflex dealer is not the owner of the camera and is eager to find something wrong with the equipment so that they can be hired to repair it.

If the camera equipment is in need of an excessive amount of repair and does not pass the inspection, you will receive a 100% refund and we will pay the shipping. Remember, the repairs are the responsibility of the seller.

If the camera repairs needed are reasonable and you change your mind on the purchase, you will receive a 50% refund of your original deposit. In addition you will be responsible for the shipping charges.

We have many satisfied clients that have sent us of millions of dollars to buy equipment that they have never personally seen. We will be happy to provide references.


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